eddue (eddue) wrote in obsessiveminds,

Not Me

Look for me somewhere I have not been
Listen to what I didn't say
Follow me to a place I would never go
Read what I didn't write
Give me answers to questions I won't ask
Take what I don't have to give
Hear what I didn't say
Buy what I am not selling
Find something I didn't lose
Wake me up when I am not asleep
Finish what I haven't started
Destroy what I haven't built
Catch what I didn't throw
Return what I didn't give
Deny me what I don't ask
Find what I didn't hide
Accept what I didn't offer
Pick me up when I am not down
Return what I haven't sent
Finish what I didn't start

Only then will you get to know who I really am...

Or maybe someone else you'd like even more!
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