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Becoming Miranda

She had always depended on the kindness of others to get by.
Looking back on how far she had come, and where she was now...
she didn't think she could keep going on this way.
Or if she should!

Miranda never thought of herself as someone in control, of anything!
She was never the person she wanted to be, although at times she was everything else.
A child, sister, friend, lover, wife, mother, supporter, comforter, cook, maid, chauffeur, nanny, secretary, helper, worker, martyr, and follower.
She could do anything and did everything, except what she wanted to do.
Be the person she was meant to be. And even though that was all she could think about, she couldn't remember who that person was any more!

Somehow, thru all the years of being there for others, sacrificing so others could chase their dreams, her dreams were put on hold. She always thought that her time would come and she could live her dream.
But now it seems that time has past her by...

Now she was just Miranda!
Dependable, helpful, caring, supporting, sacrificing Miranda!
And she didn't want to be that person any more!
But that's who she was. And so it seems...all she would ever be!

Miranda wasn't even her real name!
It was just a name she had given herself as a child.
A child with big hopes and dreams! A future!
But it seemed like her hopes and dreams were too big for a small child,
at least that's what everyone told her.
So she would become Miranda, someone who was smart and strong and could do anything and everything. As Miranda she could make dreams come true.
Not just her dreams, but she could help others make their dreams happen.

And so it started. She started calling herself Miranda. At first others thought it was odd, even for a child. But soon it would catch on.
First her friends, then her family and soon she had everyone calling her Miranda. After weeks and months as Miranda, no one would refer to her by her real name any more, only Miranda.

Miranda, the girl who would make dreams come true.

And so it began...
A little girl, with big dreams.
Became a woman, with big dreams.
Who could always find a way to make things happen.
And could makes dreams come true.
For anyone, and everyone....

but herself!
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