anxious as anyone else (uponherarrival) wrote in obsessiveminds,
anxious as anyone else

Two poems

the empty dwellings where we'd spend foggy days
dripping, leaking bliss...but wet like in a cave
being sized by locals at the diner on a road trip
see ourselves like as flashes on the screen, when really we're a blip

the mixture of the ice and sun case stormy, velvet skies
can't help keeping track of things that you rely on
pull the edges of the sky back like a curtain, now heaven is drawn
a blueprint, though, not tested-- beta
tho thousand some years with no substantial data

to form an opinion or point of view
being mute won't and cannot save you.
numb from situations skewed
skylit forest pretending its equal to new

on exhibit till the end of the season
you're caged up, restless, for no particular reason
mumbling the lyrics, though you've been Tanquerayed
you are the stray cat, skin & bones - need a meal and shave

while the endings come closer than you think, sip up
and wish away the worst of your disease

(until she slips on that ring)

pretentiousness wont get you there
neither will drugs or fads compressed to bare
meaninglessness, the blanks filled in
more approachable with each cranberry gin
wispy sighs that echo through
to the V.I.P., her eyes set on you
the lock had never been broken
unlike ever before
in a scene so unspoken
actions settled the score
weekends bare pocketed
delayed, open-wide sort views
the laughter drones out into nothing
she probably won't remember you
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