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Beauty in Your Selfishness

    You are so beautiful. I don’t think you realize it. The truly beautiful people never do. And I’m not talking looks here I'm talking about everything; everything about you is wonderful. I’m not even with you anymore. I’m not in that same place with you. I’m not in that idealistic enchanting forest with you, nor am I on that beach at night with you, with the waves crashing about us and the moon shining high up in the sky among the stars, but I still see your beauty. It’s in your eyes. It shoots out through those portals and graces everyone in a lovely glance. You’re not perfect. You frustrate me and aggravate and piss me off. You don’t understand simple things and refuse to communicate but still you're wonderful and beautiful. You’re strong and genuine and that’s so hard to find today. But your selfish and i hope one day you take a step outside of yourself.


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