anxious as anyone else (uponherarrival) wrote in obsessiveminds,
anxious as anyone else

On the spot 16

Okay so what i like to do sometimes when I'm writing is to just write and do not go back to edit or make the poem better. Its kind of like jazz/jamband inspired poetry. I call it On The Spot. Try it out. Yo+ even get better and better.

these thoughts reside inside my head
point me in wrong directions
guess we'll just setttle for the fifth
guess their the captain of my ship

after the horizon, bells and mud
drums and pot and reggae dub
happy clouds cover the sky
our innoncence was walking by

made a right, a wrong, a left
for dead in December
last year, I was sick
still am, fumbling
using a nail to dig my hole
shaped the rest like dripping phantoms
where we go we trip and hurt
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