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In the light of darkness: A case for an alcohol state

Take away love, take away peace, take away sanity, take away joy, take away life, take away hope, all i beg of you is to give me truth. This is my final assertion, the ultimate resolve of a questionable hypothesis, the prevailing thought of a revered principle, the central thesis of an illusive question. Of all the intrinsic values that define humanity, truth should be defended in the highest esteem.

We are all actors and actresses. Indoctrinated zombies playing to the script. One can argue that manners, etiquette, protocol, customs, propriety, etc are all mechanisms that have actively served in propagandizing the greater human populace and creating an astonishing race of androids. However, that once in while, we see human beings under the influence of external substances that instigate them to completely throw caution to the wind. At that time you see man in all his barbaric splendor. Dancing around, puking, saying "hey man" to everybody ten million times in a row, doing everything against the dictates of the laws of propriety ... But at that point, in spite of all the physical "craziness", this is when we are truly human. No more actors, no more fakes and no more zombies.

Take away all the characteristics that give man any kind of intrinsic value, just give me truth. take away the zombies, the fakes and the actors, give me the drunks and the stoners. Despite all that "craziness", at least we can finally be human. So when our livers and lungs have collapsed right before we turn 30, let it be on the record that we died human and not zombie. So yea give me an alcohol state.
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