anxious as anyone else (uponherarrival) wrote in obsessiveminds,
anxious as anyone else

third-person metaphorical fibs

Weary, teary-eyed when the weather changed
when she was sixteen, swore she'd flee this state
couldn't have known then she'd end up his prey
tearing at her flesh
blood seepin outta her veins
doc says you can't just stop 'em, you gotta slowly wane
from 5 to 4 to 3 to 2
but you've still got you're secrets glued
shut tight, hidden away from view
fatal pills dropped in this stew
"Just eat it up, it's good for you."
the metal taste when death awaits
like licking spoons to rid the taste
fully numb tongue from crack cocaine
tases so sweet, just for a while though
your guilt & shame, you fucking criminal
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